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Straighten Your Teeth Twice as Fast w/ Light Therapy

Transform Your Smile Faster w/ the latest FDA approved Acceleration Technology

More and more patients have been opting to cut their time in braces or Invisalign by up to 50% when taking advantage of this latest FDA approved treatment acceleration technology. This simple high tech device, when used at home for just 10 minutes at night, can dramatically shorten the time needed to successfully complete treatment. Not to be confused with other older “vibration” devices on the market the device we use safely stimulates your oral tissue using gentle near infrared light causing your teeth to glide more quickly into their new position. Based on science first recognized by a noble prize given to Dr. Niels Ryberg Finsen of Denmark in 1903 for it’s use in medicine, this technology is revolutionizing the way we treat patients.

Whether you are a bride who wants a beautiful smile in time for your wedding, a busy executive who just wants it over and done, or someone who would simply like to enjoy your new smile as soon as possible, this new technology is something we are sure you will love. Oh and we almost forgot to mention patients who use the device overwhelmingly report increased comfort during treatment.

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