Accelerated Orthodontics in Dallas TX

Accelerated Orthodontics in Dallas, TX

Achieve Your Best Smile in Less Time with OrthoPulse from Highland Park Orthodontics

orthodontist near highland park txOur orthodontist near Highland Park, TX, Dr. Lyotard, is committed to using the most innovative orthodontic products and solutions currently available. We are pleased to now offer patients this option for accelerated treatment.

What Exactly Is OrthoPulse?

According to our orthodontist near Highland Park, TX, OrthoPulse is a clinically proven device that uses revolutionary orthodontic technology to straighten your teeth more quickly than traditional treatment. The process is also referred to as “light accelerated orthodontics,” which means that low levels of light energy are used to gently stimulate bone movement around the roots of the teeth.

Smile Faster with OrthoPulse

Years of clinical research studies show that the use of light energy safely and effectively optimizes the mechanics of tooth movement. In fact, OrthoPulse from our orthodontist near Highland Park, TX, is the first device of its kind to be approved by the FDA. OrthoPulse can significantly cut down on your treatment time – by as much as one-half! If you want your braces or clear aligners to accommodate your busy lifestyle, OrthoPulse may be right for you.

OrthoPulse Is Convenient

Don’t worry – our patients who choose OrthoPulse don’t have to spend more time visiting our orthodontist near Highland Park, TX! Our busy patients love the device’s simple design that lets you use it at home or on the road. Just one 10-minute self-treatment per day can accelerate your teeth’s movement – it’s that easy!

OrthoPulse Is Comfortable and Easy to Use

The device is made out of soft, medical-grade silicon, so you won’t experience any discomfort while using OrthoPulse. In addition, there are no annoying wires or plugs; instead, simply place the device in its charging case to charge its battery after each use.

Ask Our Orthodontist near Highland Park, TX, if OrthoPulse is Right for You!

Not every patient is a candidate for accelerated treatment with OrthoPulse. Dr. Lyotard is happy to meet with you to discuss whether OrthoPulse will work for your specific orthodontic needs. Find out more when you schedule your free Highland Park Orthodontics Smile Analysis.

You’ll Love the OrthoPulse App!

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the OrthoPulse app helps you follow your treatment progress and stay motivated. Your data syncs wirelessly between your smart phone, computer, or tablet, allowing you to track consistency, daily treatments, and overall treatment time. You’ll achieve a great smile in no time!

Schedule Your FREE Highland Park Orthodontics Smile Analysis & Get Started with Accelerated OrthoPulse from Our Orthodontist near Highland Park, TX

To learn more about OrthoPulse, as well as all of our treatment options available at Highland Park Orthodontics, schedule your complimentary Highland Park Orthodontics Smile Analysis. Your assessment includes a complete exam, digital x-rays, a tour of our state-of-the-art orthodontic office, and an in-depth personal consultation with Dr. Lyotard – a $250 value, yours free! Call 214.361.6644 or click here for your appointment today. Come experience Highland Park Orthodontics – we look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your most confident smile!

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