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clear braces in dallas texasWhether you are looking for metal or clear braces in Dallas, TX, today’s braces have come a long way! For many patients, traditional braces are still an effective method to correct most orthodontic issues. Our office is proud to offer the highest quality metal and clear braces manufactured right here in the U.S. by American Orthodontics.

How Do Metal Braces Work?

When you opt for metal over clear braces in Dallas, TX, your appliance will consist of three key parts: brackets, an archwire, and ligatures. The brackets are attached to the teeth using special bonding glue. The archwire placed in each slot applies pressure to move each tooth to its carefully determined position. Finally, the ligatures, or elastic rubber bands, hold the archwire to the brackets. These bands come in a variety of colors, giving you the opportunity to express your creativity by choosing a different color at every appointment.

Achieve Your Best Smile With Crystal Clear Braces by Radiance

Radiance clear braces in Dallas, TX, provide a beautiful cosmetic option for those patients concerned about appearances in metal brackets. Every Radiance bracket is made from single crystal pure grown sapphire, the second hardest mineral known to exist! These crystal-clear braces work to straighten teeth while maintaining a virtually-invisible, brilliant appearance on your teeth. Radiance also maintains its appearance because its highly- polished surface serves as a barrier to stains, allowing you to smile in any situation.

Traditional Metal & Clear Braces in Dallas, TX, Have Never Looked So Good!

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