Elite Invisalign for KIDS in Dallas, TX

Highly Experienced Orthodontist in Dallas, TX Providing Invisalign®for Children ages 7+

If you are looking for an orthodontist who can provide highly experienced care with Invisalign for your child in Dallas, TX it’s important to select an orthodontist who has a high level of experience both with treating children and a high level of mastery using Invisalign’s advanced 3D tools.

Our Swiss born orthodontist, Dr. Nadia Lyotard, offers both. She has been recognized as an Elite and Platinum Level provider by Invisalign every year for the last 5 years due to the high number of Invisalign cases she has successfully completed. She has also accumulated many years of experience treating children with the latest technology since completing her orthodontic residency in 2006. Ongoing experience is important to Dr. Lyotard, because she believes your child deserves to have someone who is both highly dedicated and competent directing the tools to transform their smile.

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