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At Highland Park Orthodontics we truly appreciate your decision to entrust us with your care and/or the care of your child. As an extension of that appreciation we have specially engineered our clinic schedule, so that your choice to transform your smile doesn't have to mean having to compromise your work or school schedules. To make that possible we regularly offer appointments as early as 7:00AM and as late as 5:15 or 5:30PM. our early appointments in particular help avoid conflicts with things like yoga classes and extracurricular activities. Even though it sometimes means extra early morning after staying late our staff happily does out of our commitment to provide the extraordinary patient experience behind our numerous glowing reviews.

Highland Park Orthodontics has been designated an Elite Level Provider by Invisalign®

Would You Like Perfect Straight Teeth Without the Need for Metal Braces?

Dr. Nadia Lyotard Has Helped Countless People Achieve Their Best Smiles with Invisalign

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