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Dental Flex Spending and FSA in Dallas TX

Use Flex Spending Funds ( & FSA card ) and Health Savings Funds ( & HSA card ) toward Braces and/or Invisalign Treatments in our Dallas, TX Orthodontic Office

Just in case you are wondering, “ Can I use my Flex Spending FSA funds toward orthodontic treatment?”. Yes you absolutely can use your Flex Spending / FSA funds for Invisalign and braces for you, your spouse or child. IRS rules do in fact allow you to use your Flex Spending Account Funds ( & your FSA card) as well as Health Savings Funds ( & your HSA card ) for orthodontic treatment and we will make sure they are applied correctly so you get the maximum benefit possible.

You are welcome to do so with us and we are happy to make it simple and easy for you to save additional money on you or your child’s braces and/or Invisalign treatment by using pre-tax dollars through your FSA - Flex Spending Account and/or HSA - Health Savings Account.

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