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Child and Teen Invisalign in Dallas, TX

Your Expert Child and Teen Invisalign Orthodontist in Dallas, TX

If you and/or your child or teen are interested in the possibility of getting treatment for them with Invisalign clear aligners it’s essential you see an orthodontist who:

  • Has extensive Invisalign experience and a high Invisalign skill level.
  • Is experienced treating children and adolescents.
  • Also offers experienced braces care so you get an unbiased opinion. Comes will recommend.

Our dedicated orthodontist Dr. Nadia Lyotard, who is an elite Platinum Level provider with Invisalign, who has over 15 years experience treating both children and adults, and was voted to “Best in D” by Dallas’’s D Magazine’s dental selection committee for their October 2020 best Dentists in Dallas Issue. In the time she has been practicing she has successfully transformed 1000’s of children’s smiles and successfully completed well over a 1000 smile transformations with Invisalign. She literally bought this practiced and moved cities over 7 years ago, just for the opportunity to spend 2 years working side by side with a world leading Invisalign expert, in order to learn as much as possible about Invisalign, to equip her to provide the best possible Invisalign care to your child or teen.

Contact us today to arrange a no cost complimentary consultation with Dr. Lyotard to find out what Invisalign can do for you child.

Would You Like Perfect Straight Teeth Without the Need for Metal Braces?

Dr. Nadia Lyotard Has Helped Countless People Achieve Their Best Smiles with Invisalign

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